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For example, I want a function that gives me all the values assigned to the one I give:

-> (giveme 'x '((x y) (x z) (b d) (x q)))

-> (y z q)

So the function should return in this case y z and q, as these are associated to x in pairs. Reason I ask this because I know there is a map function for it in one line.

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map by itself won't do it, but map paired with filter will. – Chris Jester-Young Feb 3 '11 at 0:14
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In Common Lisp:

CL-USER > (defun give-me (item list)
             (mapcan (lambda (e)
                       (and (eq item (first e)) (list (second e))))

CL-USER > (give-me 'x '((x y) (x z) (b d) (x q)))
(Y Z Q)
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Common Lisp:

(defun giveme (key pairs)
  (loop for (k v) in pairs when (eq k key) collect v) )


(define (giveme key pairs)
  (apply append
    (map (lambda (p) (if (eq? key (car p)) (cdr p) '()))
      pairs )))
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(define (giveme key dict)
        (map cadr 
            (lambda (x) (eq? key (car x)))
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