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When viewing the MSDN MAPI documentation page it says the API is now deprecated. If that's the case, what is the suggested API for sending mail these days?


Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions, the managed route isn't suitable for me as we're using MFC.

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If you want to open the message in the user's default MUA, SMAPI is your best choice. If you want to send a message without user input, then the above suggestions are best.

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As far as I know if you aren't going to use the Windows MAPI or SimpleMAPI you will have to roll your own SMTP client.

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The .NET 2.0 framework uses a mail client in the System.Net.Mail namespace.

There's a web site dedicated to it's use here: http://www.systemnetmail.com/

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For the most part, your best bet is to use SMTP directly, in .Net 2.0+ System.Net.Mail is pretty versatile. There are tons of other resources. MAPI really only works if you can rely on Oulook/OE/WinMail to be setup, and in use. You didn't specify your usage of MAPI, so u presume .Net. Searching for an SMTP client in your prefered platform/language is your best bet.

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MAPI works if you have any mail agent that supports it. This includes Eudora as well as plenty of other mailers. –  jdigital Jan 28 '09 at 18:47
using an SMTP client to the mail server directly, as I said... there are a ton of SMTP clients available for sending email. –  Tracker1 Jan 29 '09 at 23:28

just use Win32 WS api. 10 lines of code to send an email

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If you want to send a message using SMTP then you should check out Ultimate TCP/IP:


It makes it very easy to send a message.

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If you want to use the mail client installed on the system, MAPI is still the way to go. If not, you might want a look at ChilKat, which is a COM component.

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