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Ever since I switched from Windows XP to Windows 7 I've noticed that the flash web games that I've been working on have been running much more jerkily. Even though my fps counter reports that the game is drawing at 60FPS the frame rate looks very inconsistent. It's not smooth at all.

I finally tracked this down to Windows Aero being turned on. If I set the desktop to Windows Classic mode, then I see similar smoothness to what I was getting before on my XP machine.

Also, with Aero on, I can get the game to run smoothly if I make it go fullscreen or if I set wmode=direct in the object/embed tag parameters. Unfortunately, neither of these solutions is ideal for me, so I'm sort of hoping someone has experienced this problem and knows of another workaround. Here are some more speficic details:

My game's framerate is set to 60. I update the game logic and render the frame to a BitmapData in response to an ENTER_FRAME event. My game logic updates based on how much time has passed since the last call to ENTER_FRAME. Additionally, since it runs very smoothly with wmode=direct, I know that it's not the game logic or rendering that is 100% to blame for the jerkiness.

I recorded my screen (a 60FPS laptop LCD) with a high speed digital camera (210FPS). In my recording test, I have a counter which I increment and draw on every ENTER_FRAME. Sometimes the counter does indeed increment by 1 on the recording. But it also increments by 2 and even occasionally 3! Of course, there are more frames on the recorded video between the increment when the size of the increment is bigger.

It's as if ENTER_FRAME were called, but the results were not copied to the display. I could see this happening in a perverse case where it's called just after the screen refresh on one frame and then just before the screen refresh on the next frame so you never see the first draw. But how could it skip two frames?! Additionally, this is not just a skip here or there. For instance, I've seen it increment by 3 frames eight times in a row! i.e. The video shows frame 3752 just appearing, I hit next frame on the video player 11 times and then I see frame 3755 appearing with no 3753 or 3754 in between. And then this continues to happen going to frame 3758, 3761, ... , and 3776!

Anyway, I'm wondering if I just may be doing something to anger the flash gods, and is there a way to appease them in order to attain a wonderfully smooth framerate without using wmode=direct, going fullscreen, or sacrificing animals?

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Hi Brian, first off this post was pretty hilarious to me, just reading as the frustration builds up to WHY GOD :) Perhaps you could post some more information about what in your system peaks out when you do have Aero enabled and the game running, that is does it appear the processor is under heavy load or lots of memory is being reserved for the browser process. My initial though was both are trying to use your graphics card and are hitting a choke point there. Since there's no multi-threading in Flash I've had serious choppy animation issues while loading data, hope someone is able to help –  shaunhusain Feb 4 '11 at 22:13
Oops! I didn't notice that anyone had commented to my post! With both Aero on and off flashplayer.exe takes up between 11-15% of the cpu when I'm playing the game. The machine is a dual core with hyperthreading so 4 processors, so this is still not taking up an entire processor. In fact, the overall cpu usage doesn't get above 25%. You're right, though, that when Aero is turned off there is overall less cpu usage... it maxes out at about 20%. The memory for flashplayer.exe is around 23MB. So this doesn't seem to be an issue either. –  Brian Rothstein Feb 18 '11 at 3:34
Uh... so to clarify, I can reproduce this problem both in any browser and in the standalone flashplayer.exe. Also, I've since run the game on a Vista machine where the game runs the same with Aero on or off (more smoothly like my old XP machine.) So it's not as simple as just Aero causing the problem. Probably some graphics card + driver + machine + os + aero thing! But I have noticed the problem on other machines running aero. –  Brian Rothstein Feb 18 '11 at 3:45
I hope I don't get some sort of smackdown for commenting a bunch of times in a row, but I would also like to add that I do find humor in these sorts of problems. This is because the only other option is to become horribly, horribly angry. And who wants that?! –  Brian Rothstein Feb 18 '11 at 17:20

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