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I have a User object which has a collection of Transaction objects under it.

I store the object ID for my User object and now need a query to sum the transactions under the User object:

    public class User {
      private String username;
      private Collection<Transaction> transactions

    public class Transaction {
      private int txnAmount;

Given the User's object ID, I want a sum of all Transaction.txnAmount's in the User.transactions collection.

My shot at this was:

    Query query = pm.newQuery(User.class);
    query.setFilter("JDOHelper.getObjectId(this) == :userIDParam");

I have verified that userID is indeed a Database Identifier object as it should be (I can use it to query the User object by ID using it). But I get an exception in the query.execute() method:

javax.jdo.JDOException: Invocation of method "JDOHelper.getObjectId" is on null but this is not currently supported by SODA queries

Using DB4O as the datastore, DataNucleus 2.2.1 as the JDO implementation

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I have a strong feeling that this issue is related to the bug report found below:


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