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Such as cls for cmd.exe. It's very annoy if I can't do this.

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You can use screen:clear-window to do this like this:

(screen:with-window (screen:clear-window screen:*window*))

For me information see the documentation on screen. Also note that these functions are specific to clisp.

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if you are running clisp inside emacs

C-c M-o

which of course is

Control-C Alt-o  -or-
Control-C Meta-o

this is the default keybinding to call "clear buffer" from the "repl" menu.

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That didn't work for me but this did (acquired from the link)

(screen:clear-window (screen:make-window))
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Depending on what terminal you're using(support for ANSI control sequences, for example on most *nix), you could try:

(defun cls()
  (format t "~A[H~@*~A[J" #\escape))

Then call it:

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