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In Git, I can set the environment variable GIT_COMMITTER_DATE etc to set the date of the commit to be anything I want (without affecting the order of commits).

Is there a way to do the equivalent in Perforce (p4)? I created a 'Date' field in the submit spec that opened up with 'p4 submit', but when I do 'p4 filelog' the time at which I ran the submit command shows up 'p4 filelog' output. I want it to show the date I entered for 'Date' during 'p4 submit'.

Any way to do this?

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This is not possible. The Date: field you are referring to is read-only and notes the date, where the change-list was last modified (from the manual for p4 change).

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If you are superuser or admin you can edit an existing Changelist's Date: or User: fields.

p4 change -f <revision>

See the man page for p4 change.

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