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I heard about cocoa studio from a friend of mine so i was curious to find out its details.....According to him issues of memory handling are decreased by its use..Now first of all i don't know what is it. Is it a 3rd Party SDK of framework? I tried to google around for information but currently their site is under maintenance and i was not able to gather any substantial information from other resources.

So can anybody enlighten me about its details.Any links suggestions,information would be appreciated...



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Cocoa Studio is not a tool, Its name of the training course by "The Pragmatic Studio",The course is aimed at developers planning on building GUI applications on the Mac or the iPhone.

For More Information, have a look at: -

  1. cocoa_studio
  2. The Pragmatic Studio
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Ya i found out the same.... –  Aditya Korde Mar 1 '11 at 5:51

Probably you are talking about cocos2d. It is a graphics library for iPhone and some other platforms.

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