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I was trying to run processes parallel in a makefile with -j2 command. Everything thing was fine till i got this while "Make archive"

/opt/sunstudio12.1//bin/CC +w -DSOLARIS_THREADS -i -DRW_NO_STL \
    -U__LP64__ -library=%none,iostream,no%Cstd -D_USE_SMARTHEAP_ \
    -m64 -I/opt/sunstudio12.1/prod//include/CC/rw7/ \
    -I/view/grvobad2_mm71_lsv/vobs/bgw/BGwSOURCE/common/mrl \
    -I/view/grvobad2_mm71_lsv/vobs/bgw/BGwSOURCE/common/sharedmemory \
    -I/view/grvobad2_mm71_lsv/vobs/bgw/BGwSOURCE/common \
    -I/view/grvobad2_mm71_lsv/vobs/bgw/BGwSOURCE/database \
    -I/view/grvobad2_mm71_lsv/vobs/bgw/BGwSOURCE -I/opt/oracle/10//rdbms/demo \
    -I/opt/oracle/10//rdbms/public -I/opt/oracle/10//plsql/public \
    -I/opt/oracle/10//network/public \
    -I/vobs/bgw/sw-3pp-cm/emm3/SunOS/pgsql/7.1.3/include \
    -I/vobs/bgw/sw-3pp-cm/mm70/x86/tcl/tcl-8.5.7/unix/include \
    -I/vobs/bgw/sw-3pp-cm/mm70/x86/libcurl/libcurl-7.19.5/include \
    -I/opt/sunstudio12.1/prod//include/CC/rw7 \
    -I/vobs/bgw/sw-3pp-cm/mm70/x86/SmartHeap_9smp//include \
    -I/vobs/bgw/sw-3pp-cm/mm70/x86/pccts/include \
    -o _tdebug/solarisx64/AParser.o \
    -c AParser.cc

Now what does this actually mean. It is all greek to me. There has been some sort of a problem here but since the message is not comprehendable , i am not able to decipher the problem. Can anybody help me with this?.

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That's a C++ compiler command line with a ton of include paths (-I), it is supposed to compile AParser.cc to _tdebug/solarisx64/AParser.o. Is there an error message of sort to go along with that? –  mu is too short Feb 3 '11 at 6:37

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The actual error message is missing, your post only shows the command line arguments used for compiling the source file AParser.cc

When using parallel builds with for example make -j2 the actual error messages can be hard to find. However, the error should also show up directly at the end of the output if you type just make. Please post this output for more information.

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