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I have added a crontab entry on a linux server that will run a java code. The java code uses its own class for logging errors and messages into a log file.

But when I checked the log file after the scheduled time, no messages were logged. As per the code, there should have atleast been one message saying the execution started. this is done as an indication that the code executed.

so there are two possible cases -

  1. the code executed but didnt log.
  2. Or, the code didn't execute at all.

but the log file specified has chmod 777 permissions so i am guessing its the second possibility here.

What would be reasons a crontab would'nt execute at its scheduled time ? And how do I debug this without any kind of logging happening ?

I have read that crontab sends email to the user in case of any error.. how to find which is the email address associated with the user ?


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Append 2>&1 to the end of your Crontab command. This will redirect the stderr output to the stdout. Then ensure you're logging the crontab's Unix command.

0 0,12 1 */2 * /sbin/ping -c; ls -la >>/var/log/cronrun 2>&1

This will capture anything from the Unix command.

A couple of additional hints (after helping a colleague the other day ...). Write out the environment variables by issuing the command set with no parameters. And get the shell to echo each command with the set -x command. At the top of your script issue;

set -x
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it still doesnt log anything. The crontab command is 25 08 * * * /root/java/MyProject/sync.sh >> /root/java/Migration/sync.log 2>&1. If I execute the shell script however, then the code runs and the java logger class writes to the log file –  naiquevin Feb 3 '11 at 8:24
Are you setting environment variables in the script? Often if a script runs from the command line but not from cron it can be environment. have synch.sh write its env output to the log. –  Karl Feb 3 '11 at 9:00
which variables will I need to set ? I tried env command from the terminal and it doesnt show either JAVA_HOME or CLASSPATH. This is the live server where I have just installed JRE and not JDK. Thanks –  naiquevin Feb 3 '11 at 10:37
ok.. it was a very silly mistake from my side. completely missed that vi editor had commented out lines in crontab ! .. sorry for bothering. –  naiquevin Feb 3 '11 at 12:03

Check if you really formatted the time when it has to run well.

For example instead of

*/1 * * * * echo 'debug' > /home/glab/change_branch.log

might be this:

1 * * * * echo 'debug' > /home/glab/change_branch.log

and you might be expecting it to run every minute. And also no logs are generated.

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