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I've a WPF application which runs globally fine. But sometimes, the client tell me that he gots some crashes. But I've no information about what happened except what he does.

Is there a way to put a global try{}catch(Exception){LOGEXCEPTION; throw;} somewhere to receive all exceptions generated by a GUI action, or any other option.

Something like a "Last remedy" to log exception that we didn't manage well?

Thank you!

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Look this article on Codeproject.

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By handling the following events, you should be able to catch the vast majority (if not all) unhandled exceptions in your application:

  • Application.DispatcherUnhandledException
  • AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException
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I would recommend using a pre-built library like ELMAH to do you exception handling
Exception Logging for WCF Services using ELMAH

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Check here: Vincoss logging toolkit, works with web, console, wpf, silverlight, wcf and uses ELMAH logging module. Just specify web site URL where you want to post exceptions form deployed applications Globally.

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