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VB.NET code is :

AddHandler TheGrp.DataChanged, AddressOf theGrp_DataChange

So how can I do same with F# ?


Error 1 This function takes too many arguments, or is used in a context where a function is not expected

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Try theGrp.DataChanged.AddHandler(fun o e -> X.theGrp_DataChange(o, e)). The signature for AddHandler indicates that it takes a delegate, so you can either explicitly create one (via something like DataChangedEventHandler(fun o e -> X.theGrp_DataChange(o, e))) or you can let the compiler implicitly add the delegate constructor when given a function definition, but you can't just use the method itself.

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Alternatively, if you don't want to create a lambda expression explicitly, you can also write (In this case, the function signature matches the signature required by the delegate, so it should work):


Also, if you don't need the sender argument, you can declare the theGrp_DataChanged method to take only the event args argument and then write just:

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