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i have this javascript code:

<div id="page-top">
<div id="topbar">

<td bgcolor="#8BC5FF" height="40" width="40">
<img src="../images/clock/dg8.gif" name="hr1"><img 
src="../images/clock/dg8.gif" name="hr2"><img 
src="../images/clock/dgc.gif" name="c"><img 
src="../images/clock/dg8.gif" name="mn1"><img 
src="../images/clock/dg8.gif" name="mn2"><img 
src="../images/clock/dgc.gif" name="c"><img 
src="../images/clock/dg8.gif" name="se1"><img 
src="../images/clock/dg8.gif" name="se2"><img 
src="../images/clock/dgpm.gif" name="ampm">

<script language="javascript">
dg0 = new Image();dg0.src = "../images/clock/dg0.gif";
dg1 = new Image();dg1.src = "../images/clock/dg1.gif";
dg2 = new Image();dg2.src = "../images/clock/dg2.gif";
dg3 = new Image();dg3.src = "../images/clock/dg3.gif";
dg4 = new Image();dg4.src = "../images/clock/dg4.gif";
dg5 = new Image();dg5.src = "../images/clock/dg5.gif";
dg6 = new Image();dg6.src = "../images/clock/dg6.gif";
dg7 = new Image();dg7.src = "../images/clock/dg7.gif";
dg8 = new Image();dg8.src = "../images/clock/dg8.gif";
dg9 = new Image();dg9.src = "../images/clock/dg9.gif";
dgam= new Image();dgam.src= "../images/clock/dgam.gif";
dgpm= new Image();dgpm.src= "../images/clock/dgpm.gif";
dgc = new Image();dgc.src = "../images/clock/dgc.gif";

function dotime(){ 
d = new Date();
hr= d.getHours()+100;
mn= d.getMinutes()+100;
se= d.getSeconds()+100;
else if(hr<112){am_pm='am';}
else if(hr==112){am_pm='pm';}
else if(hr>112){am_pm='pm';hr=(hr-12);}
document.hr1.src = '../images/clock/dg'+tot.substring(1,2)+'.gif';
document.hr2.src = '../images/clock/dg'+tot.substring(2,3)+'.gif';
document.mn1.src = '../images/clock/dg'+tot.substring(4,5)+'.gif';
document.mn2.src = '../images/clock/dg'+tot.substring(5,6)+'.gif';
document.se1.src = '../images/clock/dg'+tot.substring(7,8)+'.gif';
document.se2.src = '../images/clock/dg'+tot.substring(8,9)+'.gif';
document.ampm.src= '../images/clock/dg'+am_pm+'.gif';}

this code allow the user to see a Digital clock, its work good, put the problem that i want to use this clock with my current timezone (EET) not the user timezone. (the timezone of the server, not to the client). how can i do this

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d = new Date();

you need to inject the server time:

d = new Date(<%=year%>, <%=month%>, <%=day%>, <%=hours%>, <%=minutes%>, <%=seconds%>, <%=milliseconds%>);

where obviously those are server side variables representing the server time and you should adapt the syntax based on the server side language you are using.

Here are the different overloads of the Date constructor you could use to assign it to some given date.

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d = new Date(<%=year%>, <%=month%>, <%=day%>, <%=hours%>, <%=minutes%>, <%=seconds%>, <%=milliseconds%>); didn't work, i will try "different overloads" –  mbayloon Feb 3 '11 at 7:32
@mbayloon, what server side language you are using? –  Darin Dimitrov Feb 3 '11 at 7:35
no, i don't have a server side program and client side, i deploy my grails application to a server the timezone of the server is EET –  mbayloon Feb 3 '11 at 7:38
thx Darin Dimitrov, thx all i find the answer to be with GMT timezone. –  mbayloon Feb 3 '11 at 9:18

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