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I would like to send the redirect_to function all of the current page's parameters without knowing the individual params. The parameters on a particular page are variable in quantity and are not always known during development. So far I have only found examples of sending known params and values.

I want to do this:

redirect_to named_path, :notice => 'Some notice.', :params => params

I don't want to do this:

redirect_to named_path, :notice => 'Some notice.', :param1 => "v1", :param2 => "v2", ...


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Where you ever able to solve this? I have a situation where I'm saving the params hash in the db, but I have no named path to follow when I send it back to redirect_to... –  Mohamad Mar 23 '13 at 12:20

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This could work: (not tested it)

redirect_to named_path, params.merge({ :notice => 'Some notice' })

The idea is to make the last parameter of redirect_to a single hash based on the original params hash and merge in any additional value.

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Ah phooey, It doesn't work! That totally looks reasonable to me though. thanks anyways! –  Tim Santeford Feb 3 '11 at 8:14

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