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I have a DataTable named dt2 with data. I am calling its Select method to get some specific rows.

DataRow[] foundRows;

expression = "parent_id=1";

foundRows = dt2.Select(expression);

How can I pass the Select-method result to a new DataTable – say FilteredData?

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You can use CopyToDataTable, available on IEnumerable<DataRow> types.

var filteredData = dt2.Select(expression).CopyToDataTable();
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Just what I was looking for thanks – DontFretBrett Jun 22 '12 at 17:24

Why not use a DataView instead?

DataView view = new DataView(dt2);
view.RowFilter = "parent_id = 1";

DataView will behave in very much the same way that a DataTable would with the added benefit that any change(s) to the underlying DataTable (dt2 in this case) would be automatically reflected in the DataView.

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Just for clarity, the Select method returns an array of type DataRow. That's why we need to use CopyToDataTable(). Alex's answer is good. However, if the Select didn't return any rows, CopyToDataTable() will throw an InvalidOperationException.

So test that there is at least one DataRow before using the CopyToDataTable().

var filteredDataRows = dt2.Select(expression);

var filteredDataTable = new DataTable();

if(filteredDataRows.Length != 0)
    filteredDataTable = filteredDataRows.CopyToDataTable();
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