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actually, which option is the best and easy way to post an text or something else on a facebook page?

I mean, I looking for a directly way to put something there from my rails application.

like clicking on a button and automatically post on my application and send data for the facebook page?

With Twitter I have a simple method like this:

def tweet(url)
  Twitter.configure do |config|
    config.consumer_key = APP_CONFIG['twitter_consumer_key']
    config.consumer_secret = APP_CONFIG['twitter_consumer_secret']
    config.oauth_token = APP_CONFIG['twitter_access_token']
    config.oauth_token_secret = APP_CONFIG['twitter_secret_token']
  shorted_url = shorten_url(url)
  Twitter.update("#{title} - #{shorted_url}")


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You can follow this link What's the easiest way, to post on my Facebook Wall through my Ruby on Rails App?

this is how my method look like:

def facebook_it(url)
  pages = FbGraph::User.me(APP_CONFIG['facebook_access_token']).accounts.first
  shorten_url = shorten_url(url) # create a bit.ly link
    :message => "#{title}",
    :link => shorten_url,
    :description => "#{content[0..280]}"

also I've created another method:

def share(url)

so I call it this way from the controller:

def publish
  url = job_url(@job)
  @job = Job.find(params[:id])

I don't know if this is the better approach, but it's working nice for me.

Hope this helps someone else.

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Since I had to mix up a few different articles to get it all set up I would add that for one developper being admin on a client's Facebook page you will have to :

  1. Go to the Graph API Explorer
  2. Choose the app you created from the dropdown menu (if you didn't, create one)
  3. Click "Get Access Token"
  4. Click "Extended Permissions" tab
  5. Choose both the manage_pages and the publish_stream permissions
  6. Click "Get Access Token"
  7. A window may open to ask you to confirm, say yes
  8. Use the newly generated Access Token
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yeah, like explained here: stackoverflow.com/a/8235011/565557 –  Michael Sep 2 '13 at 20:35
Actually not really. I admit the general look of the procedure is the same because I based my answer on it (much thanks to its author). Though the content is not the same and I added extra details I had to discover on my own because the previous answer wasn't accurate enough. Hence my answer. –  Jeremy F. Sep 18 '13 at 9:17

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