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That worked but now I am not able to retrieve the response code of the sucess object been passed to the server. This is required to prevent an unauthorized person to login to the page. The response object is not getting any values through the Admin Java file. So even if an unauthorized person visits the main page I am not able to prevent that.

Please tell me how to do this. In Admin.Java my code now is

if((userName.equals("archana")) && (password.equals("kumar"))) 
         request.getSession().setAttribute("access", true); 
  else { 
         request.getSession().setAttribute("access", false); 
         PrintWriter writer=response.getWriter(); 
         writer.println("Login Fails");

The Else part does get worked since Login Fails pops up. But due to code in Index.jsp:

       url: "Admin?action=login", 
       dataType: "text",
       data: { username: user, password: pass }, 
       success: function(data,textStatus){ 

I am not able to retrieve the status of the response.

textStatus is 'success' for both and data is alerted having no value.


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please reformat your code with the {} button in the editor so it can be more easily read. This post should also be tagged with jquery. –  xaxxon Feb 3 '11 at 8:23
Can you please explain litte more, like whetehr the AJAX request is reaching the server method sucessfully.. what do you see when you debugging the server code... –  RameshVel Feb 3 '11 at 8:43

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