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My Station is configured to EU Location format for date: dd/mm/yyyy Everything is working fine expect when I send a date as a parameter via HTTP get:


This call is received by this code:

public ActionResult Index(DateTime? date = null)

as date = 2.7.2011

any other date reference in the site is working OK and as expected (dd/mm/yyyy).

How can I resolve this ?

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I had the same issue as you and found the solution at this site: Localization of dates in asp.net. The issue is that MVC does not support localization of DateTimes in GET-requests, only in POST-requests. This is by design! The blog post mentions some javascript-hacks to avoid this issue but I'd change to use culture-invariant dates.

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I know it's been 2 years but I used this method :

I pass the parameter as a string and parse it to a DateTime in the backend code :

public ActionResult Index(string date = null)
    DatetTime realDate;
    DateTime.TryParse(date, out realDate)

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