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I have a question. I want use the system of tag without the word tag.

Example : http://xxxxxxxxx.com/tag/Matt (will display all posts with tag Matt) I want the same with http://xxxxxxxxx.com/**people**/Matt (will display too all posts with tag Matt)

Help, please.

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

I think the answer is :

Custom Taxonomies

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If you want for 2 different URLs to resolve to the same page, then you can add the following your .htaccess rules:

RewriteRule ^people/(.*)$ tag/$1 [L,NC]

With this, you can then view:


which will display the same page. Problems are content duplication and when you visit /people/new-york, it will show all posts tagged new-york even though it is not a person.

My suggestion then is to use this rule instead:

RewriteRule ^people/(.*)$ tag/people:$1 [L,NC]

Which makes your URLs resolve to something like: http://domain.com/tag/people:matt, which means, you can just tag posts as people:matt, and/or people:arvin, thus adding metadata to the tags.

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