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i have a ul li in jQuery and i want to select last li from the ul i make like

   <!-- many li here --->
   <li><a id="nqp2" class="apager" href="/2">

how to select last div here without using :last in jQuery

the following thing can be used :>

  1. the id starting from char "n" like they always have id starting from "n" and all other not have these char starting from.

  2. the last li i want to select always have word next inside them.

are their any way to select li using any way of these two selection pattern

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Could you explain the reason you cannot use :last? There might be workarounds for that problem instead of looking for a different way. –  David Mårtensson Feb 3 '11 at 9:15
because their is no way for correctness in dynamic content maybe it's not render by rule. –  DELETE me Feb 3 '11 at 9:49

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Using your first method:


Using your second method:

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With jQuery you can use classes and ids to select elements, same as CSS. In this case your last li has a class so:

$function (){
    $(".apager")... (rest of your jQuery)

It's best to always add a class or id if you'll be selecting it with jQuery/CSS :)

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Jquery selector: $('ul li:last-child')

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