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I am using the Reveal jQuery plugin. http://www.zurb.com/playground/reveal-modal-plugin

I need to programmatically close the model box when I am done with it, however that feature is not including directly with the plugin.

According to Dave in the comments page,

"The code is in there, just need to hook it up to be called programmatically."

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If your modal's id is 'reveal-modal', then just this line will do it:

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best solution +1 –  Max Małecki Aug 16 '12 at 12:01
saved by day... :-) –  Rifky Dec 5 '13 at 14:49

You can do it a couple of ways.

Trigger a click via jquery on the dismissmodalclass element (defaults to 'close-reveal-modal')



Add this to reveal.js

$.fn.hideModal = function(options){
  var self        = this,
      modal       = $(self),
      topMeasure  = parseInt(modal.css('top'));
  $('.reveal-modal-bg').css({'display' : 'none'});      
  modal.css({'visibility' : 'hidden', 'top' : topMeasure});

and use

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Works perfectly. I've been using the trigger() method, but I prefer your suggested method. Thank you. –  TJ McKenzie Feb 17 '11 at 1:59

The modals class is usually 'reveal-modal'. so changing the lookup to be class based rather than id based, makes this work for more cases:

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You can do that while registering your reveal div/element.

suppose, [reveal-div] you are registering for reveal. And suppose you have one button/div [close-reveal] onclick of which you want to close your reveal. Then pass [close-reveal] as [dismissModalClass] as shown below.

        dismissModalClass : "close-reveal"
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This code works for me: $('#reveal-modal').trigger('reveal:close');

I had a zip text field and a buttom which was opening another pop up

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$('#your_modal_box').foundation('reveal', 'close');

works for zurb foundation

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