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How do I get the current translate position from a Canvas? I am trying to draw stuff where my coordinates are a mix of relative (to each other) and absolute (to canvas).

Lets say I want to do

canvas.translate(x1, y1);
canvas.drawSomething(0, 0); // will show up at (x1, y1), all good
// now i want to draw a point at x2,y2
canvas.translate(x2, y2);
canvas.drawSomething(0, 0); // will show up at (x1+x2, y1+y2)
// i could do
canvas.drawSomething(-x1, -y1);
// but i don't always know those coords

This works but is dirty:

private static Point getCurrentTranslate(Canvas canvas) {
    float [] pos = new float [2];
    return new Point((int)pos[0], (int)pos[1]);
Point p = getCurrentTranslate(canvas);
canvas.drawSomething(-p.x, -p.y);

The canvas has a getMatrix method, it has a setTranslate but no getTranslate. I don't want to use and canvas.restore() because the way I'm drawing things it's a little tricky (and probably messy ...)

Is there a cleaner way to get these current coordinates?

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You need to reset the transformation matrix first. I'm not an android developer, looking at the android canvas docs, there is no reset matrix, but there is a setMatrix( It says if the given matrix is null it will set the current matrix to the identity matrix, which is what you want. So I think you can reset your position (and scale and skew) with:


It would also be possible to get the current translation through getMatrix. There is a mapVectors() method you could use for matrices to see where the point [0,0] would be mapped to, this would be your translation. But in your case I think resetting the matrix is best.

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