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Is it possible to write a c program, without using header files? If so, how?

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Do you mean in an environment with a standard library, i.e. an OS, or running on bare metal, e.G. a kernel or boot loader? – Rup Feb 3 '11 at 10:30
@Rup: Why does it matter? – Cody Gray Feb 3 '11 at 10:45
@Cody I meant is he trying to assume the contents of stdio.h etc. AFAICR that's not possible because it's permissable for any of the functions to be a macro and so even if you write out the printf signature from the standard there may not actually be a _printf underneath to link against, etc., because the standard library might have macroed it away. – Rup Feb 3 '11 at 10:53
This is evidently a common homework or interview question, as it's been asked and answered many, many times on various forums:… – Paul R Feb 3 '11 at 11:36

Of course:

int main() {
   return 0;

Or even:

int printf(const char *format, ... ); // could be copied from stdio.h

int main() {
   printf("Hello, world!\n");
   return 0;

The #include directive effectively just includes the header file's content in the source file.

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Of course.

A header file is just a file that gets included in some source files, and when you include a file you just copy its content.

You can write any program you want to without any #include, but you'd have to manually put the stuff you need in your source files.

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Absolutely yes, you can even inlinme the function prototype you possibly need in the c file itself

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Yes it is possible to write a simple program without header files, but why would you do that ?

Header files are useful to share definitions, constants, functions prototypes, etc between multiple files or modules.

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I was trying to write the shortest code possible in c, so i tried removing the header files from source code.To my surprise even a program with printf compiled with just a warning and ran successfully.How does that happen??

main() { printf("Hello World\n"); }

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It's possible, but by all means, avoid from not using it if not necessary.

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Yes you can wirte a program without #include , but it will increase the complexity of the programmer means user have to write down all the functions manually he want to use.It takes a lot of time and careful attention while write long programs.Yes ,simple program like given above have no problem to write without including any library function call.

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