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Oh.. i always have error in prepare (of mediarecorder). Error tell me what prepare failed i can't record not audio, not video ((

 ERROR/audio_input(34): unsupported parameter: x-pvmf/media-input-node/cap-config-interface;valtype=key_specific_value
02-02 12:59:04.813: ERROR/audio_input(34): VerifyAndSetParameter failed

*/ this error what always i have ((( Please can anyone help me.. i realy need help. How to fix this. I tested many examples.. i watch many post's here - but nothing not help me. Guys - Help please :(((( Regards, Peter. p.s. sorry for my bad english - hope you understand me.

02-02 12:59:04.623: DEBUG/dalvikvm(9334): GC_FOR_MALLOC freed 4 objects / 307296 bytes in 69ms
02-02 12:59:04.813: ERROR/audio_input(34): unsupported parameter: x-pvmf/media-input-node/cap-config-interface;valtype=key_specific_value
02-02 12:59:04.813: ERROR/audio_input(34): VerifyAndSetParameter failed
02-02 12:59:04.833: ERROR/CameraInput(34): Unsupported parameter(x-pvmf/media-input-node/cap-config-interface;valtype=key_specific_value)
02-02 12:59:04.833: ERROR/CameraInput(34): VerifiyAndSetParameter failed on parameter #0
02-02 12:59:04.873: WARN/AuthorDriver(34): Video encoding bit rate is set to 320000 bps
02-02 12:59:04.933: INFO/MediaRecorderJNI(9334): prepare: surface=0x20fad8 (id=1)
02-02 12:59:04.943: ERROR/PVOMXEncNode(34): PVMFOMXEncNode-Audio_AMRNB::DoPrepare(): Got Component OMX.PV.amrencnb handle 
02-02 12:59:04.973: ERROR/CameraInput(34): Camera is not available
02-02 12:59:04.973: ERROR/AuthorDriver(34): Command 13 completed with error -1
02-02 12:59:04.983: ERROR/MediaRecorder(9334): prepare failed: -1
02-02 12:59:06.273: DEBUG/dalvikvm(9334): GC_FOR_MALLOC freed 201 objects / 319048 bytes in 190ms

yeah, sorry forgot about code : code here function :

private MediaRecorder mediaRecorder;
    private File file = null;
    static final String PREFIX = "record";
    static final String EXTENSION = ".3gpp";
    private void startRecording() throws Exception {
            mediaRecorder = new MediaRecorder();
            if (file == null) {
                File rootDir = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory();
                file = File.createTempFile(PREFIX, EXTENSION, rootDir);
            Log.i("Start","RECORD STARTED");

so.. i never see message("record started") in logcat ((,if add videosurse and videoencode - i have error in IOException - prepare failed. I always have erros and can't find anything what can help me to solved this problem :( . I read more post's about it - and more guys have too problem.. but other guys - have not problem and all be ok. Now im try only record audio - my emulator is handsup, and in logcat i see only erros what i write before function code. :'(

oh.. android v 2.2 im programming in exclipse galileo

red colors of errors only here :

02-03 13:36:22.783: ERROR/audio_input(34): unsupported parameter: x-pvmf/media-input-node/cap-config-interface;valtype=key_specific_value
02-03 13:36:22.783: ERROR/audio_input(34): VerifyAndSetParameter failed
02-03 13:36:23.004: ERROR/PVOMXEncNode(34): PVMFOMXEncNode-Audio_AMRNB::DoPrepare(): Got Component OMX.PV.amrencnb handle 
02-03 13:36:23.073: ERROR/AudioFlinger(34): Error reading audio input

p.s. edited : After updating eclipse and android sdk (all patch's and other function which aviable for downloads. My camera on "all" emulators work perfectly . I can test record/capture photo/ just review on camera. One minus - if bug with preview (green lines or other similar ) than this not showing in emulator. But bugs with rotation ( when on preview all ok and than click on capture or record video we can see what our screen rotated on 90 degree) can be fixed. Hope it's help :)

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can you please put some code that raised this error, so that some one can help –  Jigar Joshi Feb 3 '11 at 10:49
shouldn't it be .3gp ? –  Jigar Joshi Feb 3 '11 at 11:35
it make no sense : 3gp , 3gpp, mp4 or mp3 . File is created but he always have 0bytes. –  Peter Feb 3 '11 at 11:37
ok after million test's - this code work for audio . Emulator just is handsup, but when i running in real device i can reccord my voice. So .. for audio reccord it's work... but for video is not work :| Hope this comment help someone –  Peter Feb 3 '11 at 12:09
hmmmm, didn't help that much. did you release the audio hardware after testing, like recorder.release(); // Now the object cannot be reused. but i guess, you did. please provide more code... –  nyyrikki Apr 1 '11 at 21:39

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Just do as per this it works fine


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