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Recommended Tutorials and videos to learn nunit testing in short time


I am new to NUnit and dont know you to use that and develop the test cases.

I searched a lot but cant found the new tutorial.

Can you please give me the link for any nice tutorial for the same if you know.


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Here are some articles from authoritative sources, which will guide you into test Driven Development (TDD)




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NUnit Quick Start (wasn't hard to find)

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A good starting point might be: http://www.nunit.com/index.php?p=quickStart&r=2.5.9

Assuming, you are using Visual Studio for development. From the beginners perspective, I would use an additional tool to run NUnit Tests. It is called Resharper and can be downloaded on http://www.jetbrains.com/resharper/.

Unfortunately, it is not free, but you have a 30 days evaluation. With resharper it is very easy to start tests (just call from the menu respharper - unit tests - run all tests from the solution). Then you can concentrate on the development of unit tests.

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