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Good Day wonderful computer people of the planet Earth!

Here is the struct in a file called AudioQueue.h:

typedef struct AudioQueueBuffer {
const UInt32                    mAudioDataBytesCapacity;
void * const                    mAudioData;
UInt32                          mAudioDataByteSize;
void *                          mUserData;

const UInt32                    mPacketDescriptionCapacity;
AudioStreamPacketDescription *  const mPacketDescriptions;
UInt32                          mPacketDescriptionCount;
#ifdef __cplusplus
AudioQueueBuffer() : mAudioDataBytesCapacity(0), mAudioData(0), mPacketDescriptionCapacity(0), mPacketDescriptions(0) { }
} AudioQueueBuffer;

@typedef    AudioQueueBufferRef
@abstract   An pointer to an AudioQueueBuffer.
typedef AudioQueueBuffer *AudioQueueBufferRef;

And then later on there is this in the header of AudioPlayer.h:

    AudioQueueBufferRef             mBuffers[kNumberBuffers];

And then what I'm trying to do:

for (int i = 0; i < kNumberBuffers; ++i) {

    printf("%i\n", &mBuffers[i].mAudioData );

    XThrowIfError(AudioQueueAllocateBufferWithPacketDescriptions(mQueue, bufferByteSize, (isFormatVBR ? mNumPacketsToRead : 0), &mBuffers[i]), "AudioQueueAllocateBuffer failed");

Basically I'm trying to access the information in mAudioData, but get the error:

request for member 'mAudioData' in '((AQPlayer*)this)->AQPlayer::mBuffers[i]', which is of non-class type 'AudioQueueBuffer*'

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Maybe it's an operator precedence error? Try -> instead of . to access mAudioData. – The-Kenny Feb 3 '11 at 12:11
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AudioQueueBufferRef is an AudioQueueBuffer pointer. mBuffers is an array of these. So when referring to members of elements of mBuffers, you should be using -> not .:

printf("%i\n", &mBuffers[i]->mAudioData );

(I'm guessing you probably don't want the & either - the address held by mAudioData seems a more useful thing to be printing than the position of that member within its AudioQueueBuffer structure)

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Thanks moonshadow! – Eric Brotto Feb 3 '11 at 12:11

you're dealing with an array of pointers to AudioQueueBuffer.

try accessing fields using -> instead of .:

std::cout << &mBuffers[i]->mAudioData << "\n";

EDIT: moonshadow beat me to it

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