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I was experimenting with continuations, and I came across a case that seems to suggest that @cpsParam thwarts implicit conversions.

I have

def v: T @cpsParam[Unit, Unit]
// ...and then later
v must_== 42
// where must_== is from specs/mockito

I get the compiler error:

must_== is not a member of Int @cpsParam[Unit,Unit]

A more complete code sample is available on gist.

Is there a simple mistake I've made?

Thanks, Topher.

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I can't find where must_== method is defined. But you should probably import the implicit conversion method and not only the class/trait/object. It means, you should write something like this:

import foo.bar.Bar.convert // OK

or this:

import foo.bar.Bar._ // OK

and not this

import foo.bar.Bar // Bad: The implicit conversion method is not imported!

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The example code on gist brings the necessary implicit defs into scope through the traits/classes it extends. –  Topher Feb 28 '11 at 13:23

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