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Hi i'm new to groovy and I have a misunderstanding of how groovy parse xml

<schema-definition name="Standard" > 
  <field-type name="Standard:Integer" descr="A whole number." base-type="long"/> 
  <field-type name="Standard:Boolean" descr="A boolean value." base-type="boolean"/> 
  <field-type name="Standard:String" descr="A string" base-type="string"/> 

When i try

document = groovy.xml.DOMBuilder.parse(new FileReader('D:/test.xml'))
rootElement = document.documentElement
    println field-types

I doesn't even compile: (field - types) is a binary expression, but it should be a variable expression at line: 13 column: 20

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This looks like a cumbersom way to do it. Why not give XMLSlurper a go instead. It's so much more Groovy! –  sbglasius Feb 3 '11 at 13:59

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It doesn't compile because the "-" in field-types is an operator and therefore cannot be part of a name. Also, if you access the tag field-type you must use quotes, like this:

def fieldTypes = rootElement."field-type"
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