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Seems as creating a current class was harder than I thought :)


$this->elements = array(
        "My page" => "content/index",
        "Admin" => "content/index",

$this->current = "";
foreach($this->elements as $name => $link) {
    list($module, $action) = explode("/", $link);
    if ($this->getContext()->getModuleName() == $module && 
    $this->getContext()->getActionName() == $action) {
        $this->current = $name;


if ($current == $name){
    echo link_to($name, $link, array("class" => "selected"));
}else {
    echo link_to($name, $link); 

If you look at the links, they go to "content/index" (for now). The big problem is, that content/index redirects to auth/login, so the current module and action, even if the URL is showing content/index is auth/login.


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Just an idea:

  1. Set return parameter when redirect to sign in page
  2. Parse this parameter instead of actual url


  1. Work with routes, not "module-action" pairs
  2. Forward instead of redirecting to auth route
  3. $currentRouteName = $this->getContext()->getRouting()->getCurrentRouteName()

Hope this helps.

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