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I have just spent a while installing a popup player that utilises a xml playlist only to find that it doesnt play .m4a files ;(

Really need to find a solution for my website i guess what i am asking is.

Does anyone now a music player that support .m4a basically all formats i have found from google quite a few people saying that only quicktime player will play .m4a formats which is a pain,

Has anyone used an all round music player solution that support all formats or am i dreaming???

I have setup an upload website for people to upload files .mp3 .m4a anything they like but then want them to be able to play them back.

Any help people???

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The issue with playback of m4a is that the container can have a bunch of different audio types contained within it.

Your best bet will be to do cross encoding of your audio files on the server, using something like ffmpeg. ffmpeg will be able to reencode just about anything to your proper output format. It will require you to have a server that will allow you to compile ffmped yourself however.

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