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I'm trying to implement a JNA interface to VerQueryValue from the Windows API.

It has the following native signature:

BOOL WINAPI VerQueryValue(
  __in   LPCVOID pBlock,
  __in   LPCTSTR lpSubBlock,
  __out  LPVOID *lplpBuffer,
  __out  PUINT puLen

I seem to have successfully converted three of the parameters (1 - Pointer, 2 - WString, 4 - IntByReference), but I'm stuck with the third.

What is the correct translation, and how can I access the information stored in that buffer?

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I would tend to say the correct mapping will be :

int VerQueryValue(Pointer pBlock, String lpSubBlock, PointerByReference lplpBuffer, IntByReference puLen);

Since I never used VerQueryValue the code below is a guess on how to use the result :

//other parameters & method calls ...
//empty constructor : VerQueryValue will valuate the pointed value.
PointerByReference lplpBuffer = new PointerByReference();
//empty constructor : VerQueryValue will valuate the pointed value.
IntByReference puLen = new IntByReference ();
int rc = YourClassName.VerQueryValue(pBlock,lpSubBlock,lplpBuffer,puLen);
//Check rc & co
//use the result
byte[] resBytes = lplpBuffer.getValue().getByteArray(0,puLen.getValue());
//if it's a String
String resString = new String(resBytes, ENCODING);
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Worked perfectly, thanks! – etheros Feb 5 '11 at 14:52
You are welcome – Cerber Feb 6 '11 at 8:40

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