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I'm trying to create a Flash Carousel in AS2. I've made the Carousel itself, and have got the icon images and tooltips from an XML file using this code:

xml.onLoad = function()
    var nodes = this.firstChild.childNodes;
    numOfItems = nodes.length;
    for(var i=0;i<numOfItems;i++)
        var t = home.attachMovie("item","item"+i,i+1);
        t.angle = i * ((Math.PI*2)/numOfItems);
        t.onEnterFrame = mover;
        t.toolText = nodes[i].attributes.tooltip;
        t.url = nodes[i].attributes.url;
        t.icon.onRollOver = over;
        t.icon.onRollOut = out;
        t.icon.onRelease = released;

I have functions for 'over', 'out', and 'released', and to move the carousel automatically, left or right depending on mouse position.

I was wondering if there was a way you could make each individual icon have an external link that leads to a different place on my website when you click on an icon, where I could specify the link url itself in the XML file?

If you need more of the code for context purposes then please don't hesitate to ask. I hope you can help.

Kind Regards,


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If i understood correctly, you might be after flashvars.

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Create an array of URLs. You already have a means to grab the URL from the XML file:


Then store it under the index i. Then when it is clicked (perhaps in the release function), do a quick search of the array to find the correct one and then:

window.location = correctURL;

You may have to store the currently selected index to reference against.

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I'm not sure Flash vars is what I meant. I meant how I would I get a URL from the XML document such as:

    <icon image="icon1.jpg" tooltip="Ramis Assets" url="www.myramis.com" />

and then use that URL to navigate to that URL in a browser when it is clicked on.

Hope this helps.

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