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I am working on a drupal site with some pdf files where i am opening a pdf file in a new window . The files are getting opened in the browser with the acrobat reader but the favicon is not getting displayed. What should be done to show the favicon ?

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If you show the PDF file in an iframe, the browser should show the site-wide favicon, but you're out of luck in an external applications. Acrobat Reader doesn't use Favicons.

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If you put a favicon.ico to the root of your site, then your pdf-s opened on that site will actually have that favicon. You can generate transparent ico-s from png-s with online favicon genereators.

Example: Your favicon is reachable in: www.yourdomain.com/favicon.ico Then your pdf will show this favicon in the Acrobat plugin tab: www.yourdomain.com/something/something.pdf

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In the Drupal root directory, edit the .htaccess file and add this:

RewriteRule ^favicon.ico sites/%{SERVER_NAME}/favicon.ico [NC,L]

Exactly as it is typed there, and right after the RewriteBase line near the bottom.

See caveats here: http://drupal.org/node/174940#comment-852888

This assumes you have friendly URLs working in Drupal, or the RewriteRule will be useless.

In each sites/example.com/ directory, add the favicon.ico for that site.

Jump through hoops to clear your favicon cache in your browser / OS: http://www.faviconblog.com/clear-the-browser-cache-to-display-your-favicon/

This MAY over-ride the HTML HEAD favicon that Drupal spits out when you upload one in some browsers, or not. Haven't tested. If it does, you'll have to have a favicon.ico for every sites/XYZ/

Note that just because uploaded HEAD favicon overrides the sites/XYZ/ in one browser, is no indication it will work in another, or vice versa.

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Displaying the PDF from <iframe>, <object>, or maybe even <embed> tag inside of an HTML page should result in the favicon being used.

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