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The linq provider in Nhibernate 3 gives me the ability to specify eager fetching of multiple levels for collections using FetchMany, ThenFetchMany etc. Is there an equivalent way of doinf this using QueryOver.

Say I have a structure

class  A
  IList<B> b;

class B
  IList<C> c;

class C


I can eager load the whole tree in NH Linq

       .FetchMany(x=> a.b)
       .ThenFetchMany(y => y.c)

Is there a way of doing this using the QueryOver api?

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I've actually asked the exact same question here on SO, and posted the answer that I found.

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B bAlias = null;
C cAlias = null;
var list = session.QueryOver<A>
.JoinAlias(x=>x.b, () => bAlias, JoinType.LeftOuterJoin)
.JoinAlias(x=>bAlias.c, () => cAlias, JoinType.LeftOuterJoin)
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