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I tried using the ehcache and it worked. And I am just trying to implement distributed caching with ehcache RMI. I followed the steps provided in the url:!NTAxODEzNDE0OmNvcnByYWRpdXNzc286vsRypkVtSPb7t3MnL22gFQ==#

But I could not find the distributed caching working...

rmiUrls=//<remotemachineip>:<i want to know what port id should be given here>/deviceCache1"/>

properties="hostName=<localmachineip>,port=<i want to know what port id should be given here>,

I gave some port number and I am having the standalone java code in two machines. First, I run the main program in my friend's machine which puts data to "deviceCache1" and I try to access that cache in my main program. But I don't find any connection happening between two machines.

I may sound silly, but I need to know few things regarding caching. Please some one clarify my doubts and help me. So, My questions are: 1. What port ids need to be given in ehcache.xml in both machines? 2. Do i need to have some windows service enabled to use rmi ports? 3. Do i need to add any other code for connection between 2 machines?

Please help me asap. Thanks

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Due to comments size limitation & this will answer your question

Config on server 1 will be like this

<cacheManagerPeerListenerFactory class="net.sf.ehcache.distribution.RMICacheManagerPeerListenerFactory"
    properties="hostName=localhost, port=40001,socketTimeoutMillis=2000"/>

Config on server2 will be like this

<cacheManagerPeerListenerFactory class="net.sf.ehcache.distribution.RMICacheManagerPeerListenerFactory"
    properties="hostName=localhost, port=40002,socketTimeoutMillis=2000"/>

If you are still facing the issue, paste your ehcache.xml. Kindly accept the answer if it answers your question.

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Server1 - <cacheManagerPeerProviderFactory class="net.sf.ehcache.distribution.RMICacheManagerPeerProviderFactory" properties="peerDiscovery=manual, rmiUrls=//server2:40002/CacheName1"/> On server2 <cacheManagerPeerProviderFactory class="net.sf.ehcache.distribution.RMICacheManagerPeerProviderFactory" properties="peerDiscovery=manual, rmiUrls=//server1:40001/CacheName1"/> – Amit Feb 5 '11 at 14:57

You would also need to add cacheEventListenerFactory to the cache(which needs to be replicated)

memoryStoreEvictionPolicy="LFU" diskPersistent="true"
timeToLiveSeconds="86400" maxElementsOnDisk="1000">

You can give any port(which is not being used by system

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I have a <cacheEventListenerFactory> associated with my <cache> entry. But whatever port I give in provider and listener, am not seeing any communication happening between two systems. I am trying to access the cache from second machine, and from second machine am trying to access cache from my machine. But no response from both... so i wonder, if i need to give any specific port/do we need to enable any RMI related services / do we need to write any code to establish the connection or registering the port. – Vidhya Vinodh Feb 4 '11 at 9:45

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