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Is there anyway to use the input from my laptop's cam using either or the jquery webcam plugin and then use the actual webcam image to produce an SVG image? I'm doing an art show in a few weeks and want the camera to be the source for some SVG animations, so that the audience has some form of interaction with the piece. I know that both CamCanvas Jquery Webcam output in SWF i.e. flash but can the flash file displaying the webcam be accessed from javascript and then used in a graphic library like raphael or would I have to write everything in flash?

Is it possible to use the html 5 video tag and access the webcam on my laptop?

Further, could I just stream my camera using VLC in OGG and then the OGG stream as the input for my SVG animation?

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SVG is used for vector graphics. So "webcam" and "SVG" don't fit together very well.

I don't think <video> can access devices - so you probably go better with Flash.

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I understand the difference, but even a JPEG had a color table or some info about the image inside that could be used to generate an SVG image. Does the flash file that the jquery webcam plugin produces have a readable image format? I saw on the CamCanvas site that someone is working on edge detection. – user561236 Feb 3 '11 at 14:06
sorry about the mess CamCanvas can render the webcam to a canvas which is manipulatable, so that's a start. – user561236 Feb 3 '11 at 14:30

No, you can't use the <video> tag to access a webcam – right now.

In the future (long-term), you'll be able to use the <device> tag, but no browser supports it yet.

However, you might be able to hack together a stream to a <video> tag using VLC, since it sounds like this is something you'll be running only on a machine you control. (Also take a look at this guy's second post on taking an image from video and manipulating it on a <canvas>. There's a demo that just blew my mind.)

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that's amazing (and interestingly I was looking at this site earlier today). Yeah, that is similar to what I'm looking at. It does appear that the video -> canvas -> manipulation works. I just git'd camcanvas and will start work with it tomorrow. – user561236 Feb 3 '11 at 15:03

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