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I need to generate same output in Python as I have in PHP, possible?

Php code:


$items = array(
   'item_key_a' => 'item_value_a')

$payload = array(
   'i_key' => 'i_value',
   'items' => $items,

echo http_build_query($payload);

Output urlencoded:


Output urldecoded:


Python code:

item = {}
item['item_key_a'] = 'item_value_a'

data = {}
data['i_key'] = 'i_value'
data['items'] = [item]

import urllib
print urllib.urlencode(data)

Output urlencoded:


Output urldecoded:


So in Python I don't get valid urlencoding that I need for PHP app.

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Python urlencode does not handle nested dict. You need to write it yourself in a manner such as presented for this question:

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yeah, saw that answer, doesn't help me, well ok will write my own – Anton Shishkov Feb 4 '11 at 13:20

There now seems to be a library for handling this in Python

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