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Is there a simple way, perhaps using the standard libraries, to serve a webpage from my windows service?

I'm not looking for anything fancy I'd just like to serve status/control pages for some of my windows services but don't want to rewrite them as web applications.

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HttpListener is your friend, although making a reservation in the HTTP pipeline for non-admin accounts (i.e. service accounts) is a bit of a pain. There's a codeplex project that you can hack into a custom action on your service installer.

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can you expand on what you mean by "making a reservation in the HTTP pipeline"? –  chillitom Feb 3 '11 at 14:07
I added a link to an answer I gave a while ago. –  spender Feb 3 '11 at 14:10

What about Cassini which used to come with the .NET development framework?


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You could always check out the code for Cassini. It was written for .net 1.1, but I'm sure porting would be easy enough:

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