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I am working with a Wpf application. I have created a custom style for wpf DataGrid (provided in Wpf Toolkit). It all works fine except that I am unable to apply a Style on the TextBox that comes on double clicking the cell(editable mode) in DataGridTextColumn. It display as default style and that doesn't match with my style and looks odd. I have applied a style on the ComboBox in DataGridComboBoxColumn and the CheckBox and all other controls, but this one is not working. Any help plz!!!


I have a control library and every control is overridden here for customization (additional functionality) and restyling. These controls are used through out the application. I have to apply this style on the control in control library. So that I can get it reflected in my whole application.

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Maybe I missunderstood the question, do you have something similar as my example but it's not working? In that case, do you have some sample code? –  Fredrik Hedblad Feb 3 '11 at 14:23
Updated my answer but I don't fully understand what you're trying to do. Can you add some sample code of what you've tried already? –  Fredrik Hedblad Feb 3 '11 at 18:49

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Not perfect, but works...

<Style x:Key="DataGridTextBoxStyle"
        Value="#FFF8D172" />
        Value="0" />
        Value="Center" />
        Value="9pt" />
        Value="0.6" />

   EditingElementStyle="{StaticResource ResourceKey=DataGridTextBoxStyle}"/>
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