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Is it possible to have multiple Alfresco instances sharing one common folder in the repository tree? How to set this up?

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Alfresco doesn't allow for folders being shared in the way you are asking. You can share the whole repository with multiple instances, which would be a cluster configuration.

Since version 3.4 Alfresco has a Replication Service that you can use to replicate a folder structure from one repository to another. Currently there is not much of a user interface for the Replication Service and it is a really new feature, so I'm not sure if it'll work for you.

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I am aware that you are asking for something different, but maybe this helps : if you deploy you alfresco.war on an application server, you can define the location of the repository by setting the dir.root attribute in the file. If you are using JBoss, this file can be found or created under ...server/${your.server(probably default)}/conf. I am not sure though if sharing a whole repository is a good idea.

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Look at this post:

It might be what you're looking for.

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The Replication Service, which was new in Alfresco 3.4, should deliver what you need for this. The two main wiki pages to read up on this would probably be:

(There's also a page on the if you're interested.)

As an Administrator, if you log into Share then under More / Tools you'll find the "Replication Jobs" entry. In here, you can create replication definitions to send a part of your repository to another server. You can also schedule it, so that eg it'll be replicated every day, or you can run it as a one off.

Before you can configure replication to a destination server, you'll need to create a transfer target definition for that server. Details are in the online help: . The online help also covers quite a few more bits of the replication UI, so it's worth a read - look under "Share Admin Console" then "Managing Replication Jobs"

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