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what type of parser is bison. is it a LALR(1) or LR(1) ?

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Short answer: both.

By default, it produces LALR(1) parsers.

With the explicit option %glr-parser, it'll produce an LR(1) parser.

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"Both" is simply wrong. Tradititional bison is LALR(1). However, the newer %glr-parser option does not produce an LR(1) parser as I understand it. It produces a GLR parser, which happens to use LALR(1) parsing tables. [I've implmented GLR parsers; they don't need anything "LR(1)"]. –  Ira Baxter Feb 10 '11 at 20:29

Yep, since version 2.5, Bison does support several types of LR parsers: LALR(1), canonical LR(1), and IELR(1). See the documentation about "lr.type", for instance here.

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