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I just want to add a side menu that links to various pages on my site. I would like to use image buttons or simple hrefs that the user clicks on to navigate. I think I need to use a div somehow ?


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Can you please be a little more specific about how we can help? – Surreal Dreams Feb 3 '11 at 14:48
I just want a list of items to the left of my page, and when clicked navigation takes place to a different page. The navigations items can be just simple text or buttons. Thanks – blue-sky Feb 3 '11 at 14:56

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You can use a div element and float it left with CSS.


<div id="nav">
      <li><a href="">A Link</a></li>
      <li><a href="">Another Link</a></li>
<div id="content">
    <p> Here's some stuff </p>


#nav {
    width: 20%;
    float: left;
    background-color: gray;

#content {
    width: 80%;

I would also run through the HTML and CSS tutorials at HTML Dog. It will make your life so much easier.

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Thanks for your help – blue-sky Feb 3 '11 at 16:12

Listamatic has various examples of how to style a list of links

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+1 for choice exhaustion. – Blender Feb 3 '11 at 14:49

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