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In jqtouch, I'm calling several pages using ajax, in very vanilla fashion:

<li class="arrow"><a href="folder/another/somepage.html" >BRAVIA HDTVs</a><small class="counter">2</small></li></li>

I'm trying to use a video player (sublime player) on the remote pages. In order to do that, I use the js provided by sublime: //script type="text/javascript" src="http://cdn.sublimevideo.net/js/something.js">

Then on my remote pages, to play the video I just put the code in a video class, which is defined by the js.

When I put this script in the head of my index page, things work great on iOS devices. But the videos won't play in Android - the javascript isn't being called. I can only play the video if I put it on the main index page, rather than the remote pages.

Any help? Speak to me like the village idiot, please - thanks -

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2 Answers

Which version of jqTouch? The Beta 2 (also known as version 109) linked to on their home page is broken with Android, get the lastest version from GitHub for the best android support. Note: look at the demo for how the formating of html changed between 109 and 161.

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jQtouch 1.0-b4-rc does not work with Android when using jQuery. The internal links in your site won't work. You have to use Zepto for it to work with Android.

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