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Well, i have a movieclip containing a dynamic text-field in it. When movieclip is stretched using transform manager, the text stretches. i am developing a component. Moreover,Event.Resize can not be used as Event.Resize is the Stage event. it does not work for movie-clips and sprite. Putting it in Event. Enter Frame works but that hangs the whole CMS when this technique is used. Any helps??

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What is your question?? –  daniel.sedlacek Feb 4 '11 at 10:01
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If you are using Greensocks transform manager, there are already custom events built in that you can use like this:

manager.addEventListener(TransformEvent.SCALE, onScale);

in the onScale Function you can set the scale of the TextField as you like, for example keep its original scale:

tf.scaleX = 1 / yourMovieClip.scaleX;
tf.scaleY = 1 / yourMovieClip.scaleY;

or simply maintain a correct aspect ratio:

tf.scaleY = tf.scaleX * yourMovieClip.scaleX / yourMovieClip.scaleY;
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Well , i will check that as we have already integrated our system using Senocular Transform manager.Here is the link senocular.com/flash/actionscript/?file=ActionScript_3.0/com/… But you point me to right direction. –  Muhammad Irfan Feb 4 '11 at 10:22
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