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I have been trying to write/parse xml file in python. The tags are very simple


I have written this xml using xml document writer from xml.dom.minidom.

How-ever when i try to parse this and try to fetch data-text value, i get 'abcdef' with spaces/carriage return/newline characters in beg and end. Does parsing does not take of indenting spaces? Following is the parsing snippet (ref from net)

dom = parseString(data)
clipTag = dom.getElementsByTagName('clipdata')[0].toxml()

Kindly suggest.

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No, parsing doesn't strip whitespace. Because unlike HTML, XML does not ignore whitespace (at least strictly speaking). –  delnan Feb 3 '11 at 15:44

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Just use strip() to take out the extra white space. If you only want to take out the leading white space, do lstrip(), as in clipData.lstrip().

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In XML, whitespace is significant. If you don't want whitespace in the data element, write it like this:

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