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I am using the Telerik MVC grid, together with AJAX binding to actions secured by [Authorize].

When the asp.net logged in session expires, if I trigger one of the grid actions, I get the following error message: "Error!The requested URL did not return JSON"

I want the ajax called actions to time out as a normal action would once the session has expired.

Any ideas? I've asked this a couple of times on the Telerik forums but have had no reply as yet.


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I finally found an answer on the telerik forums.

I customised the Grid Error client side event: link <--dead link

Edit: As the above link is dead, here is a code snippet. Hopefully it will help. I used this on the Grid declaration:

.ClientEvents(events => events.OnError("onGridError"))

and this is the javascript function it calls which simply supresses the error and redirects to the login page:

function onGridError(e) {

    var xhr = e.XMLHttpRequest;

    document.location.href = '../Account/Login';

Note: I don't think the middle line (var xhr...etc) actually does anything, looks redundant to me, just grabbed it from the codebase.

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Can you post the code here - the forum seems to be shut down. –  HitLikeAHammer Feb 13 '14 at 21:11
@HitLikeAHammer added a snippet of code, hopefully this helps –  jmo21 Feb 14 '14 at 9:24

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