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I am drawing a triangle with the following code

int x = x coordinate for center;
int ax = x coordinate for left;
int bx = x coordinate for right;
int top = y coordinate for top;
int bottom = y coordinate for bottom;

//           (x, top)
//(ax, bottom)      (bx, bottom) 

GraphicsPath path = new GraphicsPath();
// _
path.AddLine(ax, bottom, bx, bottom);
// /
path.AddLine(ax, bottom, x, top);
// \
path.AddLine(bx, bottom, x, top);
// order of drawing is _ / \ (bottom line, left side, right side)

When I call DrawPath, it always draws my lines, no matter the order. But when I call FillPath, it does nothing. Only when my order is / _ \ or \ _ / does my triangle actually fill. Why is this?

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It turns out that the answer I posted originally didn't really solve the problem and that it worked on my machine because of an additional change I introduced, which is to change the FillMode:

GraphicsPath path = new GraphicsPath(FillMode.Winding);

When you use the Winding mode, the algorithm will detect a closed path even if you didn't add the lines in order.

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Thanks for the explination, that sounds reasonable, however in testing that didn't work – Bob Jan 28 '09 at 19:29
My mistake. There's one additional detail in my test that I forgot to include, so I'll edit my answer accordingly. – Vojislav Stojkovic Jan 28 '09 at 19:48

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