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I am currently trying to extract Substrings from Strings by matching them with a regular expression. The input-strings are all in the form"""foobar"""), where foobar is the substring I would like to extract. This is the regular expression I wrote for this task:

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(
            ".+\\(\"{3}(.+)\"{3}\\)" , Pattern.MULTILINE);

It matches well against simple Strings, but fails whenever a newline followed by a whitespace occurs in the String to be matched, i.e."""foo\n bar""")

How do I have to change my pattern so that it matches those strings as well?

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You need Pattern.DOTALL instead of Pattern.MULTILINE. Pattern.MULTILINE is about behaviour of ^ and $ and has nothing to do with matching newlines with .:

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(
     ".+\\(\"{3}(.+)\"{3}\\)" , Pattern.DOTALL); 
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Thank you, that did it :-) I forgot to replace MULTILINE by DOTALL when I changed my pattern midway to use (.+) instead of ([^"{3}]+)... Silly mistake .) – jbaiter Feb 3 '11 at 16:45
JeanMarie, you should click the check mark on the left of his answer so he gets credit for answering. – jluzwick Feb 3 '11 at 16:47

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