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In our environment, we have 32-bit and 64-bit machines for development. In VS 2010, when a reference to a dll is added, a refresh file is getting created which points to path of the dll. On 32 bit machines, the path used to be <drive>:\Program Files\ .... but for 64 bit machines, it is <drive>:\Program Files <x86)\.....

The refresh files are under Source Control (subversion) so if I change the dll for a 64-bit machine, the build starts failing for 32 bit machines. Is there a way to make these refresh files change as per the system architecture?

Is there a different way to handle this? One way I am thinking is to not include the refresh files under Source Control but that would mean that anytime we upgrade our dll's, we need to change the dll's on each machine.

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I leave the refresh files 'as-is' and store both architectures in a \lib directory.

MyLibrary.dll  // (refresh target)

Whenever I need to switch architectures I execute a build script (or batch file) that simply copies & overwrites all refresh target DLLs within my \lib. For example, when switching to x64, MyLibrary.dll.x64 gets copied as (and overwrites) MyLibrary.dll.

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