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val name = "Name";
val value = "Value";
val map = Map(id -> "5", class -> "Nice");
textfield(name, value, map);

def textfield(name: String, value: String, attributes: Map = {}){ //=> Any
    val xml = <text name={name} value={value} {attributes.?} />;

I'm trying to have that produce

<text name="Name" value="Value" id="5", class="nice" />

I'd like to use xml literals if possible, but If not Which xml classes would I need to use?

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import scala.xml.{Attribute, Text, Elem}
def textfield(name: String, value: String, attributes: Map[String, String] = Map()) = {
  val elem: Elem = <text name={name} value={value} />
  (elem /: attributes) {
    case (el, att) => el % Attribute(att._1, Text(att._2), xml.Null)
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