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I am trying to do something simple: when the user clicks on a div, the whole page scrolls to a certain location. I have done this before, but somehow this seems to not be working now. I mean, for now I just want any scrolling to happen to know that the plugin works.

It's quite simple really: $.scrollTo(500, 500) should be working, but nothing reacts, no error is thrown.

Here is a link to a dummy version of what I am doing: Simply click on the black div at the bottom right to see... nothing happening. You may also look at the full code:

Is there anything in CSS that could break that functionality?

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Your JavaScript says:

function scrollToTouts()
    // FIXME: whatever I do here, nothing scrolls
    $.scrollTo(500, 500);

Don't you need to supply the target of the scroll?


$.scrollTo('#content', 500, 500);


$.scrollTo('body', 500, 500);
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yeah, that's what i figured a bit later. odd cuz the examples i found did not have it, but that fixed it indeed. – jansensan Feb 5 '11 at 19:20

You can do like this:

$('html, body').animate({
  scrollTop: $('#elementID').offset().top
}, 1000);

Replace #elementID with the id of the element you want to scroll to with animation.

Check out the actual implementation by click on Request Quote link at bottom.

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It seems I was relying on wrong examples, $.scrollTo("#bottomContent", 1000, {easing:"easeInOutCubic"}); does work, sorry if for some of you this issue was obvious.

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